Sanity Systems

The Great British Valeting team can help to make sure your event keeps your customers safe by using cutting edge technology to fight germs and bacteria.

Making a car safe for technicians and customers first time every time, guaranteed

Sanity Systems produce portable generators of ozone for the professional sanitization with ozone of motor vehicles, health environments and commercial business.

Medically and scientifically proven, used in hospital / ambulance settings as well as cars and dealerships.

Ecological and natural

It perfectly disinfects with no need of additives or chemical detergents, taking advantage only of its natural oxidative force. It doesn’t release any chemical residues in the air or on the surfaces.


Ozone is not flammable, abrasive or explosive. It doesn’t damage the fabric, pieces of furniture, décor, equipment and machinery. It doesn’t cause damage to people and animals.


As a gas heavier than air, it spreads everywhere with extreme capillarity. It penetrates deeply the fabric and it enters also the most diffifficult points, where germs and bacteria settle.

Duration (Sany-Car)

Suitable for: All cars

Duration: 22 Minutes

How it works

The Sanity System allows a car to be cleaned inside to a 99.9% health grade standard, in just 22 minutes.

Compared to other products, the Sanity System allows the conversion of residual ozone back to oxygen in a very short time frame making it safe for you to go back into the place of sanitization.

Manufacturers currently using Sanity Systems