Manufacturer Support

GBVC works with a number of automotive manufacturers and are proud to consider ourselves an extension of their team


GBVC will support you anywhere to do anything that required first-class support.

Our expertise spans press and marketing events such as Goodwood FOS as well as product launches, first drives, filming and photography. We also know how to embed ourselves within dealerships to enhance service offerings, solve problems and become an integral part of your team.

Check out what our range of support offers.

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Product launches

Whether or not it is a world premier or a decentralised launch we are on hand to prepare and maintain the vehicles to show standard. We operate this service both in the UK and abroad.

Press Shoots

Our mobile detailing centres can work with photographers and videographers anywhere to ensure what they capture is always perfect no matter the location, be it the Scottish Highlands or Monaco. As an added help all of our staff are trained in tracking driving.

Road Trips

GBVC has extensive experience in supporting road trips with both modern and classic cars. We will work behind the scenes to ensure participants wake up to charged radios and sparkling cars that are full of fuel and even warmed up!


We have extensive experience supporting manufacturers at events such as Goodwood FOS / Revival / Speed Week, Auto Sport, Silverstone Classic and Porsche Carrera Cup. We understand the multifaceted nature of such events and have a dynamic team that is able to meet any demand.

VIP Customer Requests

Our team can be that little something extra for those important VIPs. We are all professionals who guarantee the upmost discretion and confidentiality.